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Established in March, 2013, School of Economics and Statistics was merged by three departments----Department of Economics, Department of Accounting in the former Business School, and Department of Probability and Statistics in the School of Mathematics and Information Science. The present Dean is Prof. Xiangsong YE

The school currently has 75 full-time faculty members, 13 professors, 1 national candidate for “New Century Baiqianwan Talent Project”, 1 gainer of the State Council Government special allowance, 5 doctoral supervisors, 14 associate professors, and 70% of the academic staffs have doctor degree. In addition, the school has employed more than 30 national or international famous economists and entrepreneurs to be our honorary professors or visiting professors, which enables the faculty team to be a strong, lively and cooperative one.

The school consists of 3 academic departments in economics, accounting and statistics, has complete academic programs for bachelor, master and doctor degrees, and is one of the most popular colleges/schools in Guangzhou University. The affiliated major, statistics, has been selected as the superior and key discipline by the department of education of Guangdong province. Accounting is the municipal support-oriented discipline of Guangzhou. The applied economics is the key discipline of Guangzhou University. The school offers diversified programs in economics, finance, international economics and trade, accounting, statistics and financial engineering for bachelor degree, in statistics and accounting for master degree, in statistics for doctor degree and postdoc position. It also provides professional master program in accounting (MPACC). The school currently has about 2200 full-time undergraduates, nearly 500 second-majored students, 79 postgraduates, 16 doctoral students. Among them, more than 30 students are from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries. The school also has 1 demonstration center of experimental teaching and several research centers/institutes such as Lingnan Research Center for Statistical Science, Pearl River Delta Economical Research Center, Institute for Finance and Investment Research, Research Center for Finance and Accounting.

Recent years, academic staffs in our school have been awarded 20 National Natural/Social Science Foundation of China, 30 research foundations supported by the Ministry of Education and Guangdong Province, and 140 other research foundations, with the total amount being around 20 millions. Our teachers have published more than 800 journal papers in recent years. Among them, 40 were accepted by Chinese top academic journals such as ‘Social Science in China’, ‘Science China’, ‘Economic Research Journal’, ’Management World’, ‘Statistical Research’, 200 were published by CSSCI (Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index) journals. Moreover, the staffs have published about 30 monographs and 20 textbooks, and obtained more than 20 research achievement prizes awarded by Guangzhou City or Guangdong Province, including the first prize of the Research Achievement Prize of Guangdong Social Science.

With the philosophy being that “Firstly, keeping a foothold in Guangzhou City; Secondly, orienting to Guangdong Province; Lastly, being influential in the country and overseas”, the school considers discipline construction as the primary task, makes its focus on teaching, sets its target as cultivating highly qualified and well trained financial talents. The school lays emphasis on the specialty of academic programs, pays close attention to the teaching quality, makes great efforts to develop students’ all-round ability. Via numbers of years’ efforts, nearly ten thousands of students have graduated and played important roles in the economic development of Guangzhou City and Guangdong Province.

The school is always run with an international perspective. It has built wide connections and cooperations with lots of overseas universities such as New York University (America), The University of New South Wales (Australia), James Cook University (Australia), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong) and so on. It has recruited lots of students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Italy, Indonesia, South Korea and Vietnam, for several years.

With inheriting the university motto and the school spirit, as always, faculty members will continue to be responsible to do applicable research, raise students that are of great ability and potential. To contribute to the realization of the university goal that ‘Being top-ranking in China and well- known in the world’, by taking the opportunity of joining the ‘High-leveled University Construction Project in Guangdong Province’, the school will take a road which is of intrinsic development, characteristic and open mind. It will actively take part in the city construction and try hard to make itself be a satisfying talents cultivation base and think tank for the economic and social development of Guangzhou City and Guangdong Province.

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